It Shines! It Shines!

Robin Berjon robin at
Fri Dec 19 09:23:26 GMT 2008

On Dec 18, 2008, at 13:39 , Andy Wardley wrote:
> Behold!
> There's a few pages not building properly... working on that now.

It is the embodiment of sexiness itself. Which is good because  
disembodied sexiness is a whole lot less interesting.

A few tiny snags (all of these noted in Opera 9.62 Mac but not  
necessarily limited to it):

  - the lines on either side of the darker background behind the  
content area stop about 2-3 em short of the bottom of the viewport.
  - the view source page doesn't wrap its content (maybe that's  
  - the style switcher is triggered on page load, which means that  
pages that may take a while to load are in the wrong colour or screen  
width for a while before switching. Since the style switching it based  
on elements that are really early in the tree, there is no need to  
wait for onload.

I can make patches if you're busy but it might have to wait a couple  

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