DateTime::TimeZone breaking under PAR?

Johan Lindström johanl at
Mon Dec 22 14:15:49 GMT 2008

At 08:18 2008-12-22, Toby Wintermute wrote:
>When using it via a PAR archive, it refused to determine the local timezone.
>(This was on a Debian Etch fresh install, albeit with upgraded PAR
>libraries, since the normal Etch ones are quite broken, and then
>confirmed on an Ubuntu Hardy setup as well.)

Usually when things don't work under PAR/PerlApp/etc it's dynamically 
loaded modules that weren't packaged properly.

I see you force DateTime::Locale::en to be packaged, presumably 
because it blew up without it. But there may be other modules it 
needs too. Presumably related to the time zone stuff.

A super quick look in DateTime::TimeZone reveals a runtime require of 
DateTime::TimeZone::* .

What if you manually add them all to the PAR file?

(I usually put use statements in the source for this, with a comment 
saying it's for PAR).


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