Santa came early this year. I want to shoot him.

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Tue Dec 23 13:33:11 GMT 2008

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> > > It's days like this which *really* make me pine for Ruby.
> > 
> > Ruby has no heisenbugs?
> None that I've seen.

Hmm, either that was funny or it wasn't.

> From: Léon Brocard <acme at>
> > For Christmas, Santa's given me a heisenbug in 5.8.8. I'm not going to report 
> it, though, as I can't reproduce a minimal test case.  From the relevant 
> paragraph:
> Is it fixed in 5.8.9 or 5.10.0?

I've no idea.  If I change *anything* the test passes. Trying to switch to a different perl means I need to set the libs explicitly and if I do that, it passes.  Of course, just listing "diag $]" to make sure I have the right Perl causes it to pass even in 5.8.8, so I can't tell.

Checking out a fresh branch has caused the test failure rate to drop from 1 in 5 to about 1 in 8, so that's progress, I guess :/

I'm having bell tower/deer rifle fantasies right about now.

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