Introduction to Perl for non-programming Mac folk

Andy Wardley abw at
Tue Dec 23 15:59:45 GMT 2008

Chisel Wright accidentally the verb:
 > I don't this should be limited to Mac folk.

Paul Makepeace wrote:
> See how long it takes you to actually come up with a verb that gives a
> substantially different mearning from the (presumably) original intent...

Darn this digital medium!  I can't read your tone of voice.  I'll assume a
defensive posture, while proferring "dispute" as the verb he might have
accidentally, but presumably didn't.

For anyone left scratching their heads, it's one of them internet meme
thingies.  Sorry. In-jokes and all that. Bad form.


PS I accidentally my coat... otherwise I'd be fetching it right now.

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