Social Thurs 8 Jan 2009

Kake L Pugh kake at
Sun Jan 4 13:14:46 GMT 2009

On Sun 04 Jan 2009, Edmund von der Burg <evdb at> wrote:
> Where are we going then?
> I've always liked this place:

OK!  Let's go there.  Last I checked (April 2008), they've started
charging for the function room (and were sufficiently sniffy about my
insistence that they'd previously given it us for free that I'm not
willing to ask them about it again), but since only a handful of
people replied to my request for a show-of-hands as to who's coming,
I'd already decided to experiment with not booking a room for this

So, the Antelope, this Thursday, from 6:30pm.  I'll do a proper
announcement tomorrow.


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