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* Struan Donald (struan at [090105 16:39]:
> * at 05/01 14:39 +0000 Paul Makepeace said:
> > If you're going multi-modal folding bikes are the only way to go, IMO.
> > (I've heard awful things about Dahon though, btw.)
> > 
> > FWIW: I had a terrible experience with Bikefix, to the point of having
> > me give them another, rhyming name...
> The advice I had from my brother who works in a bike shop was to buy
> a Brompton. He'd seen too many of the other makes they stocked come
> back broken.

My first Brompton lasted over six years of heavy duty (although
the cycling conditions in Holland are a bit better than in the UK).
No serious troubles, no accidents. The wheelbase (the distance between the
front and back axes, needed for stability) is much better (longer) with
other folding bikes.  But Bromptons are also at least twice as expensive.

I recently baught a new one.  Pick the cheapest version without carrier,
and dynamo: use backpack and led-lights.  I have the six-gear version
with a larger front sprocket(?): fast enough to overtake nearly all
other cyclists.  The fastest way to travel (at least in Holland): train
and folding bike.

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