Christopher Jones c.jones at ucl.ac.uk
Fri Jan 9 09:32:50 GMT 2009

On 8 Jan 2009, at 23:20, Paul Makepeace wrote:

> Below is ad-hoc commentary...

I did say the code was "something similar to this...."  - the code  
snippets weren't copied verbatim, since that would have been overkill  
for the question I was asking. So for instance, there were variables  
in the original statement that needed interpolating, and there were  
actually some other fields in the table that I removed to make it  
easier for you to read (I just didn't match the number of placeholders).

It would be very rude of me to say "stop being picky and answer the  
question!", since if I really had made those mistakes then I would be  
very grateful for the help...... (although that kind of response seems  
pretty common on this forum!).

So instead - thanks for being so thoughtful for providing those very  
useful comments (even if they were the overkill to the question that I  
was trying to avoid by editing the code for you in the first place....!)



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