MIME::Lite Problem

Phil White Usenet at junk.manx.biz
Sun Jan 18 16:20:50 GMT 2009

Hi Simon,

Thanks for the reply.

On Sat, 17 Jan 2009 19:01:45 +0000
Simon Wistow <simon at thegestalt.org> wrote:
>   attach PART 
 <... snip ...>
> So you should just be able to 
>     push @{ $msg->{attach} }, $piece;

Ahh, yes - that's the easy bit :)

>         $ml->attach( ('HASH' eq ref($a))? %$a : $a );

Aha! *THATS* the magic incantation!!!
I don't quite understand it, but that's why I was couldn't fix the
problem in the first place!

Thanks ever so much.

Best regards,


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