File permission vulnerabilities and Module::Pluggable

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Simon Wistow <simon at> wrote:

> Adam 'Alias' Kennedy has written a blog post about the 2009 CWE/SANS 25 
> Most Dangerous Programming Errors

As I understand the summary, this is basically saying "It's dangerous to
load code someone else could have edited", and you're suggesting to check
against world-writable and other sorts of files, yes?

What makes Module::Pluggable any more vulnerable to that than, say,
perl's own 'use' and 'require' statements?

If my /usr/share/perl/5.10/ is world-writable, say, then I'm
already dead way before Module::Pluggable gets to run.

Incidentally, what you're looking for is called TPE; Trusted Path
Execution. The GRSecurity Linux Kernel patch has such an option for
exec() and friends; to restrict what binaries can be executed.

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