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Andy Wardley abw at wardley.org
Tue Jan 27 19:14:29 GMT 2009

> I don't know about Moose, but Badger at least has a catchy (annoying) tune :-)

Mushroooom!   Mushroooom!

Talking of catching tunes, a long time ago in a mailing list far, far away,
I wrote [1]:

   Moose operates at a slightly higher level of abstraction [than Badger]. To
   stretch the analogy, it's like jumping in a taxi and letting the taxi driver
   find the best route. In contrast, Badger gives you a bike (it's got a
   basket, a bell that rings, and things to make it look good) and a map of
   some nice forest trails with good foraging spots along the way.

To which Stevan "Moose" Little replied [2]:

   Great, now that that song is in my head its gonna be another Early
   Floyd/Syd Barrett day in the old iTunes.. helloooo crazy!

   But yeah I think your analogy is correct, Moose does try and do a lot
   for you in comparison to Badger, both exposing the control of these
   things in a different way. However I think your undercutting Badger a
   bit, I think that along with a Bike and a map of forest trails, it
   has also packed a picnic lunch, some energy bars, a snake bite kit
   and small tent in case you find a nice place to camp.

Todd Rinaldo summed up the exchange thusly [3]:

   I just want to say that I'm very disappointed in you both.

   I read the first email on this chain. Went to the kitchen to make
   some popcorn so I could come back and enjoy some good wholesome flameage
   and I come back to find you guys singing "Kum Ba Ya".

   It's SICK SICK I tell you! :)

Badger is a poor man's Moose, but a rich man's Class::Base, Class::Debug,
Class::Error, Class::Singleton, Class::Path, Class::Accessor, Class::Facade,
Class::Config, Class::Metaclass, and Class::KitchenSink (some which I
wrote, some which I didn't, and some which I just made up).

There's a good deal of crossover between what Badger and Moose do, but
that's more accidental than intentional.  I didn't ever intend Badger
to be an alternative to Moose - it's just a better version of the stuff
I wrote before (mostly TT).  Badger skirts around a bunch of tedious things
that make Perl programming less fun than it should be, with object
construction being just one of them.  It's a small but significant feather in
Badger's cap, but the functionality is really very basic in comparison to the
mighty meta-plumage of the Moose.

But either way, Moose and Badger are best friends.  They inhabit different
parts of the forest, but they love nothing better than getting together to
go foraging for nuts and berries, play a nice game of tennis or have a bit
of a sing-song.  Metaphorically speaking, of course.


[1] http://mail.tt2.org/pipermail/templates/2008-September/010433.html
[2] http://mail.tt2.org/pipermail/templates/2008-September/010434.html
[3] http://mail.tt2.org/pipermail/templates/2008-September/010435.html

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