Sending newbies to YAPC::EU::2009

Edmund von der Burg evdb at
Tue Feb 3 14:30:16 GMT 2009


At last year's YAPC::EU there weren't that many young ones around,
probably because it is expensive to travel and stay in hotels.

This is a great shame as going to a YAPC is a good thing: you get to
learn Perl from the talks and meet others in the community. You also
become part of the community, which means you're likely to write code
and put it on CPAN, etc, etc, which benefits us all.

So: we want more perl newbies to attend YAPC - which brings me to:

The idea is that the community donates money which is then used to pay
for travel and accommodation so that cash-poor newbies can attend
YAPC::EU::2009 in Portugal. Already enough has been raised to send one
but the target is six. There have also been some applications so there
will be someone to send.

You can help by:

  * donating money (
  * spreading the word
  * encouraging people to apply for grants (

Any and all help hugely appreciated.


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