Michael Lush mjlush at ebi.ac.uk
Thu Feb 12 15:18:56 GMT 2009

On Thu, 12 Feb 2009, Jonathan Stowe wrote:
> 2009/2/12 Dirk Koopman <djk at tobit.co.uk>:
>> Just been studying a CPAN module and I see a load of references to !0. Er,
>> what is that? Googling most unhelpful.
> It's "Genius" for '1' :-) Please to be clubbing the perpatrator to
> death with a copy of their own wit and eurdition.

It's "Genius" for 'anything but 0', I suppose it could be used to deal 
with the 'zero but true' results in DBI.  (ie $rows = $dbh->do("SELECT * 
FROM foo") returns the number of matches or 0E0 if no rows match.

Is there a better idiom for:-

$rows = $dbh->do("SELECT *
                     FROM foo
                    WHERE baz >= 42")
if ($rows != 0) {
     #do stuff

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