Richard Huxton dev at archonet.com
Fri Feb 13 08:45:44 GMT 2009

Nicholas Clark wrote:
> Also, said authors like the style q{}.

> 2: My brain triggers on "q" constructs, and treats them as something
>    interesting, exceptional, and worthy of note. It's annoyed when it turns
>    out that it's nothing more than a non-interpolating string, and regards
>    such use of q{} as an irritating distraction, which may cause it to miss
>    something nearby that is worthy of note.

Actually, the one time I use it is when I want a non-interpolating
string that *is* of note. Basically it boils down to "This string
contains dollars, so don't go randomly switching it to an interpolating
string six months from now".

  Richard Huxton
  Archonet Ltd

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