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2009/2/13 mirod <mirod at xmltwig.com>:
> Nicholas Clark wrote:
>> Also, said authors like the style q{}.
>> I don't see what the advantages of it are. I can see two disadvantages
>> 1: It's one more character of typing over the "obvious" ''
>> 2: My brain triggers on "q" constructs, and treats them as something
>>   interesting, exceptional, and worthy of note. It's annoyed when it turns
>>   out that it's nothing more than a non-interpolating string, and regards
>>   such use of q{} as an irritating distraction, which may cause it to miss
>>   something nearby that is worthy of note.
> I actually like that style, especially when dealing with code that deals
> with strings that include quotes, like HTML/XML tags.

qw is very good - simple hard coded lists, where quotes would just
expand the code to no added value

I've started a trend at $poe that SQL is used in q{ } blocks - which
means we can use lots of whitespace, for readability.
Although when I started here the existing code used double and single
quotes interchangably - including for interpolated empty strings,
which always seemed like complete overkill to me....
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