use constant SUBJECT => 'Defining Constants'; # was: !0

Peter Haworth pmh at
Fri Feb 13 15:25:32 GMT 2009

On Fri, 13 Feb 2009 13:49:37 +0000, Paul Makepeace wrote:
> > On 13 Feb 2009, at 13:05, Andy Wardley wrote:
> >>
> >>  use Badger::Constants 'ARRAY HASH';
> >>
> >>  if (ref $foo eq ARRAY) {
> >>      ...
> >>  }
> >>  elsif (ref $foo eq HASH) {
> >>      ...
> >>  }
> Since you're calling a sub, and the goal is to reduce typing,
> why not just have,
>   if (IS_ARRAY($foo)) {
>      ...
>   }

Because you're not actually calling a sub. Constant "subs" are optimized to
strings at compile time. That said, I think I like your alternative better;
it's more concise, and the intent is a lot clearer.

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