ActiveState Perl on Vista

Duncan Garland duncan.garland at
Sat Feb 14 18:56:24 GMT 2009


I've just upgraded my laptop from XP Pro to Vista Home Edition. I've
installed ActiveState Perl 5.10 on it as I've done with my previous
machines. However, very little seems to install properly.

For example the PPM (Perl Package Manager) list of modules seems very small
when compared to previous versions. Calalyst, DBIx and Ptkdb won't install
via PPM or CPAN. I've never had Catalyst or DBIx before, so perhaps they
aren't supposed to install on Windows. However, I've used Ptkdb for four
years on Windows without any trouble.

Am I just struggling to cope with Vista's eccentricities, or isn't Perl very
well supported on Vista



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