Action address in HTML forms

Nigel Peck nigel.peck at
Tue Mar 3 15:44:27 GMT 2009

Zbigniew Lukasiak wrote:
> When there are some invalid values sent from a form - then the usual
> custom is to redisplay the same form with the appriopriate error
> messages.  Thus the form needs to be redisplayed at it's own 'action'
> address.   Is it then a reasonable rule when writing a 'high level web
> library/framework' to restrict the forms to always submit to their own
> address?

Have you considered the case where the initial form is on a page, and 
then submits to a script, which keeps calling itself from there? Maybe 
this doesn't apply to your application.


has a search form on it, which points to:

My framework always submits to itself, but it's not for using in 
situations such as the one above.

In general, I agree that forms will keep submitting to themselves, and 
can't think of any exceptions other than the one mentioned above.


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