Recession rates

Dirk Koopman djk at
Tue Mar 10 17:07:24 GMT 2009

Jonathan Stowe wrote:

> It's the recruiter doing it - the poor sap candidates are probably
> getting 300 or less and will have been told that is the most that the
> client is going to pay. The recruiter doesn't care, they might start
> introducing a differential depending on whether they can drive the
> candidates down any more if the client starts to hedge.  They want to
> keep their figure in straight up monetary terms - they don't want to
> take the same percent of a smaller rate.

£300? Don't be daft. A lot of recruiters wouldn't get out of bed for 
~25%, they will be looking for at least %50 (and in the bad old days 
100%). I would not be surprised if the saps are being offered £200 "in 
these difficult times".

Or have we all forgotten how much we hate these people?

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