Recession rates

Dave Cross dave at
Tue Mar 10 17:12:31 GMT 2009

Paul Makepeace wrote:
> Has anyone found the recession/depression affecting contracting rates? I was
> surprised to have a recruiter recently suggest a bunch of candidates
> for £375/day

I saw this today[1], advertising for a pretty impressive list of skills 
for £175/day. I think the company were taking the piss. I've seen other 
things on stupid money over the last few weeks too.

Personally, I haven't seen any drop in the number of phone calls and 
emails that I'm getting. And I've just started another contract at 10% 
more than the previous one.

And, bizarrely, I'm getting lots of enquiries about running training 
courses. I guess that companies want to ensure they're getting the most 
out of their employees.




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