Recession rates

Chris Jack chris_jack at
Tue Mar 10 18:15:10 GMT 2009

On 10/3/09 17:07, Dirk Koopman wrote:

> ?300? Don't be daft. A lot of recruiters wouldn't get out of bed for

> ~25%, they will be looking for at least %50 (and in the bad old days

> 100%). I would not be surprised if the saps are being offered ?200 "in

> these difficult times"



This was no doubt true 10 years ago but, at least in the city, if you want to get on the preferred supplier list to a lot of companies, you have to agree a set rate. This was in direct response to people who found out their agent was taking 100% and up and left on the day they found out.



The truth is, once you've been had once in this way, you ask what your agent is taking and refuse contracts where the rake is excessive. This in itself acts as a brake on agencies taking the Michael. I think 17.5% is fairly usual in the city nowadays - but I'm not currently working through an agency so don't quote me.



I think the truth about agencies is also that they are tending to amalgamate and there are fewer "mom and pop" style places around - which in turn means they tend to be run more professionally and with a greater sense of integrity as they suddenly have a brand name to preserve.




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