(Planned) Emergency Social - Friday 20th March, 6pm, Wenlock Arms

James Laver james.laver at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 13:16:03 GMT 2009

It's been nearly a week since the last social so everybody must be craving beer.

They have excellent beer at the Wenlock in Hoxditch[1] and we can't
have a thursday social there because of some writers club[2]. I've
booked us in for next friday.

The Wenlock Arms
26 Wenlock Road
N1 7TA
Friday 20th March, from 6pm.

It has a Cask Marque, it's almost always CAMRA north london pub of the
year and even the Daves will have to find something other than beer to
moan about.

Friday emergency socials are a new thing to try, it was the only day I
could book it. Your other friday plans probably involved a crap lager
barn you didn't want to go to anyway, so come along![3]


[1] Hoxton and Shoreditch, if you aren't _Dave.
[2] Out of work writers, artists, liberal arts people etc. can't
afford beer. At least you'd think so.
[3] And if you're planning to come, please mail me offlist, I've no
idea how many people are going to turn up.

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