ExtUtils::Installed vs pminst vs?

Matt Lawrence matt.lawrence at virgin.net
Thu Apr 2 12:22:12 BST 2009

Paul LeoNerd Evans wrote:
> On Tue, 31 Mar 2009 19:26:37 +0100
> Matt Lawrence <matt.lawrence at virgin.net> wrote:
>> Module::Util will do this for you:
> A surprisingly-useful looking module. I wonder why I haven't come across
> this one before...
> Is it widely used? I notice it doesn't have a debian package. Any gotchas
> we should know about?
I use it a lot, even if only for pm_which, and I've had bug reports from 
others who seem to be. Beyond that I couldn't possibly say.

I'm not aware of any problems with it at present, but I've just noticed 
is that the CPAN shell doesn't seem to be able to see it any more. This 
is almost certainly because of a problem with write permissions in the 
uploaded tar file (I'm stuck with windows for now at home). It does 
appear on search.cpan.org, though. Anyone had a similar problem and/or 
know how to fix this?


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