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Fri Apr 3 17:02:56 BST 2009

Jasper wrote:
> 2009/4/3 Paul Orrock <paulo at digitalcraftsmen.net>:
>> A silly friday question to settle a discussion
>> If you have an event that will happen at a future point in time, say 4 am
>> and you move it to run at 2am that same day, have you moved the event
>> forwards or backwards ?
> Moving forwards in time and backwards in time have the same meaning,
> but refer to either side of the present. So to move something
> forwards, it needs to have not happened, and it will move closer to
> the present. Moving something backwards (which is impossible, of
> course) means it has happened, and you are moving it further away from
> the present, but still moving it in the same direction as shifting the
> other event forwards.
> I know this is correct because I have watched several films.
Fast forward and rewind only cause more confusion...

Forward is no longer "towards the front".

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