[ANNOUNCE] London.pm Social - Edgar Wallace WC2R, 7th May 2009

James Laver james.laver at gmail.com
Fri Apr 3 19:38:33 BST 2009

Once again, I'll be wearing a Kake costume this month. In any case,  
we're going to one of her favourites.

The May social of the London Perl Mongers is on Thursday 7th
May 2009. We're going to the Edgar Wallace, a pub with delicious
real ale off the Strand. We have the upstairs room from 6:00pm.

This month we're looking to encourage people who've been lurking but  
not yet joined us, to do so. Perl programmer or not, beer drinker or  
not, black or white, male or female, bearded, unbearded or stubbly[1],  
come along and join us in the name of Perl[2]. Though there are  
(absolutely untrue[3]) rumours we have been approaching parity between  
women and Daves, the rumours of our friendliness permeating london are  

The nearest tube is Temple on the greeny-yellow line[6], but it's  
easily walkable from Chancery Lane (Central) or Holborn (Central/ 

- Tasty real ale
- Usual gas tap lagers etc.
- Aspells Cider[7]
- Reasonable spirit shelf

- Traditional pub fare, fairly reasonably priced.

Maps, more info, etc:


Standard blurb:

Social meets are a chance for the various members of the group to meet
up face to face and chat with each other about things - both Perl and
non-Perl - and newcomers are more than welcome.  The monthly meets
tend to be bigger than the other ad hoc meetings that take place at
other times, and we make sure that they're in easy to get to locations
and the pub serves food (meaning that people can eat in the bar if
they want to). They normally start around 6.30pm (or whenever people
get there after work) and a group tends to be left come closing time.

If you're a newcomer or other first timer (even if you've been lurking
on the mailing list or on IRC) then please seek Leon out - we have a
tradition that the leader of this motley crew buys the new people a
drink (orange or not, either's fine) and introduces them to people.

[1] This is you, Dave H.
[2] Discussion of Perl not required.
[3] May, in fact, be true.
[4] Rumours that Léon is growing an orange beard are, thankfully,  
[5] But DrHyde's beard is not a myth. Do not be fooled.
[6] Or the district and circle lines, in the southern hemisphere of  
the circle.
[7] Or Cidah! if you're so inclined. Mmm... Aspells.

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