Social - Edgar Wallace WC2R, 7th May 2009 -- FREE BEER

James Laver james.laver at
Mon Apr 13 19:55:50 BST 2009

The May social is in 3 weeks, and I have good news -- there will be  
free beer!

My own company is launching a new product and for shameless plugging  
purposes / drumming up vague enthusiasm, is going to put some money  
behind the bar.

On 3 Apr 2009, at 19:38, James Laver wrote:
> This month we're looking to encourage people who've been lurking but  
> not yet joined us, to do so. Perl programmer or not, beer drinker or  
> not, black or white, male or female, bearded, unbearded or  
> stubbly[1], come along and join us in the name of Perl[2]. Though  
> there are (absolutely untrue[3]) rumours we have been approaching  
> parity between women and Daves, the rumours of our friendliness  
> permeating london are true[4].

Surely free beer can tempt some of you to the Edgar?

Socials are always fun, come along and see!


> Standard blurb:
> Social meets are a chance for the various members of the group to meet
> up face to face and chat with each other about things - both Perl and
> non-Perl - and newcomers are more than welcome.  The monthly meets
> tend to be bigger than the other ad hoc meetings that take place at
> other times, and we make sure that they're in easy to get to locations
> and the pub serves food (meaning that people can eat in the bar if
> they want to). They normally start around 6.30pm (or whenever people
> get there after work) and a group tends to be left come closing time.
> If you're a newcomer or other first timer (even if you've been lurking
> on the mailing list or on IRC) then please seek Leon out - we have a
> tradition that the leader of this motley crew buys the new people a
> drink (orange or not, either's fine) and introduces them to people.

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