Perl on JVM Slides

Ben Evans ben at
Sun Apr 19 13:58:00 BST 2009

Andy Armstrong wrote:
> On 17 Apr 2009, at 19:47, Ben Evans wrote:
>> Ovid wrote:
>>> Last night's tech talks had a very interesting talk about Perl on 
>>> the JVM  Are those slides available anywhere?
>> I don't know if Leon's put them up anywhere yet.
>> If not, mail me offlist and I'll send you a copy.
>> While I'm here - if anyone (whether an attendee at last night's tech 
>> meet or not) would like to work on this - please get in touch as 
>> well. There are plenty of interesting things in this area.
> /me waves :)
> I missed the tech meet so could I start with a copy of the slides please?
Thanks to everyone who expressed interest in the topic. I've put a post 
up on my blog, at:

which has details of how to get a JVM with support for invokedynamic 
built on your system (primarily for Macs right now, other platforms are 
similar, with small variations) - and how to get some examples up and 
running - including one which is reminiscent of a Perl closure.

I'll also be writing up the current state of play with my code, and 
getting it to a state where I won't be embarassed to show it to other 

If there's interest, I can also set up a separate mailing list to talk 
about it (or we can stay here / move to p5p, as people prefer).



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