Anniversary Beer

James Laver james.laver at
Mon Apr 20 22:30:38 BST 2009

As some of you will remember, last year I organised commemorative beer  
for our 10th anniversary (go!)

Yesterday, a member twittered about how much he enjoyed  
drinking some of it in the sunshine. This evening, another member IRCd  
about how much he enjoyed it. And then other people have said they  
really enjoyed it and wish they had some left.

So I offered to reorder. This year we'll order it early to make the  
most of the summer.

We need 120 bottles to make it worth their while and they'll deliver  
to the june social (which will fall on the 4th and hasn't yet been  
announced -- it is quite a way away).

I've got 42 bottles confirmed so far.

If you want in, please message me offlist. Please also make sure that  
you will be there to pick up the beer or make arrangements for someone  
else to.

I'll put a 3 week cap on orders, so don't delay!


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