Beautiful is better than ugly

Simon Wilcox essuu at
Wed Apr 22 08:29:10 BST 2009

On 22/4/09 07:53, Léon Brocard wrote:
> Alias ranted:
> Which Perl website do you think looks the worst? Which has the worst navigation?
> We managed to redesign Is it time to do another?

They're all a bit shit for the most part. Last time we talked about 
this, out of which came the new site, we also used Andy's 
design as the basis of

Ask did get back to me about after a while and was 
conservatively positive but I'm afraid that we haven't done anything 
with it since (sorry Ask).

The big challenge is buy-in. For the most part the people who run the 
various sites don't have enough desire to do anything about it. being a case in point.

A good step forward would be generating a community banner strip that 
could be included on all sites that want to take part, giving cross-site 
navigation and a certain sense of 'belonging'. After that can come 
refreshes of the individual sites.

That could probably done with relatively little effort although driving 
take up could be harder. I'll marshal my thoughts some more and write 
more later on.


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