[ANNOUNCE] June Social, Gunmakers EC1R, Clerkenwell. Thurs 4th June.

Stuart Children stuart at terminus.co.uk
Fri May 15 09:04:03 BST 2009

James Laver wrote:
> Lets try somewhere new, somewhere I've enjoyed a good few pints of 
> delicious beer. In sunny clerkenwell.[1]
> Gunmakers

This is a good pub, though it's not huge so can get busy (on a Friday 

> Experimentally, I'm not bothering to look up buses because it's loads of 
> effort. If you resent this, let me know so I fix it next time.[5]

Off the top of my head, at least the following stop near by: 19, 38, 
243, 341. There are definitely others too (along Theobolds/Gray's Inn 

> [5] Patches welcome. Tell me how to find buses without engaging lots of 
> effort.


You can see which bases travel down given streets.



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