Best practice for releasing Perl modules to staging and live

Richard Huxton dev at
Mon May 18 16:16:29 BST 2009

ian wrote:
> Are you advising to (re)build CPAN Perl modules this way, or are you 
> just describing what to do with our own Perl modules?
> One company I worked at did just this for CPAN modules, but it was a 
> many-day exercise to work out all the dependencies of (for example) 
> Catalyst and to build them all into Debian packages.

This is the bit that interests me. How do you find out...

1. What modules do I need to install/upgrade to install module M version  V?

2. Given my currently installed set of modules, what is the latest 
version of module M that I can install?

   Richard Huxton
   Archonet Ltd

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