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Sorry but unlike the rest of the world I thought that JJ's trek was sile of phite.  
Great film; crap trek.  He pulled out every gag and fraked up the timeline more royally than ever before.  It was a smack in Roddenberry's nads, RIP.  Yes - I know it's just fiction - but fiction I care about.

I waited for the final scene when the cinema was empty.  It claimed to be in memory of Gene and Majal.  To any empty room.

Buffy without Joss would be like most trek post Roddenberry.  Like a lot of Terminator without Cameron.  Not so good..  Might be OK but the odds are against it. I mean look at the original buffy movie... It was cr at p... That was joss with constrained hands; you can't cut them off... He IS the buffyverse.

He's my sire. :)

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On Wed, 27 May 2009, Dave Cross wrote:

> Avleen Vig wrote:
>> I have to say, that is simply awesome.
>> I can't wait.
> Er... did you read the same story as I did? Buffy without Whedon. That's not 
> awesome, that's a travesty.

As has been said Elsewhere - remain calm and repeat 'Joss Whedon is not 
the saviour of television/film/whatever'.

It won't be a Whedon Buffy, but who knows what might come out of it. Star 
Trek without Kirk, Spock and McCoy worked pretty well, and Star Trek with 
them in it again but different seems to be none too shabby...

That said, it will probably suck. However, I'd like to give it the benefit 
of the doubt until that becomes definite :)


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