Anniversary Beer

Joel Bernstein joel at
Fri May 29 14:34:35 BST 2009

Did anything happen about this? Is anniversary beer still on?
I'm guessing with June social just days away it's not happening /this/  
month, but did enough people get involved to make it happen at all?


On 1 May 2009, at 08:50, James Laver wrote:

> We've almost got enough to make it worth the brewery's while.
> Anyone interested who hasn't yet waved their hand?
> (All the people who bought what went unclaimed at the social last  
> year, perhaps?)
> --James
> On 20 Apr 2009, at 22:30, James Laver wrote:
>> As some of you will remember, last year I organised commemorative  
>> beer for our 10th anniversary (go!)
>> Yesterday, a member twittered about how much he enjoyed  
>> drinking some of it in the sunshine. This evening, another member  
>> IRCd about how much he enjoyed it. And then other people have said  
>> they really enjoyed it and wish they had some left.
>> So I offered to reorder. This year we'll order it early to make the  
>> most of the summer.
>> We need 120 bottles to make it worth their while and they'll  
>> deliver to the june social (which will fall on the 4th and hasn't  
>> yet been announced -- it is quite a way away).
>> I've got 42 bottles confirmed so far.
>> If you want in, please message me offlist. Please also make sure  
>> that you will be there to pick up the beer or make arrangements for  
>> someone else to.
>> I'll put a 3 week cap on orders, so don't delay!
>> Cheers,
>> --James

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