Wanted: VoIP Equipment

Simon Cozens simon at simon-cozens.org
Thu Jun 4 20:42:34 BST 2009

Hello all,
	It's a long shot and I know this isn't london-freecycle but... My
mission agency (WEC International) is looking to deploy a couple of
Asterisk PBXes to connect its two headquarters buildings with a unified
internal phone system.

	They've asked me to look into how this might be set up, but since we're
a charity, my budget for exploratory hacking is zero. So I'm reducing to
begging, borrowing and scrounging VoIP equipment to plug into my home

	If you have anything knocking around, if you had an abortive attempt to
go VoIP, or if you have a desire to contribute kit to a good cause,
please let me know. I'm particularly looking for an ATA with a FXO
connection, Linksys SPA3000 or similar, but anything I can lay my hands
on would be appreciated. We can arrange collection from wherever.


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