Big Geek Day Out: Bletchley Park 18th July

Billy Abbott billy at
Mon Jun 15 10:41:18 BST 2009

On Mon, 15 Jun 2009, Joel Bernstein wrote:

> On 15 Jun 2009, at 10:21, Dave Cross wrote:
>> On 15/06/2009 10:14, Joel Bernstein wrote:
>> [ Trip to Bletchley Park ]
>>> What's there? What will you do?
>> You're kidding, right?
> I knew about the history but not that there was a museum.
> IRC has already enlightened me.
> Doesn't sound like something to take partners/girlfriends to. It sounds 
> pretty boring.

They have scary eyed mannikins, a toy museum, an olde worlde post office, 
a nice manor house, a vintage cinema and a pond with ducks in/on as well as 
old computers, old cars, enigma machines, stuff about the war and a 
replica bombe. Something for everyone...


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