Emergency Pub Crawl, Tonight, Paddington

Ash Berlin ash_cpan at firemirror.com
Wed Jun 17 17:34:49 BST 2009

On 17 Jun 2009, at 11:22, James Laver wrote:

> In the spirit of organising the next social, I want to try pubs around
> paddington and thus I'm inviting perlmongers along
> Lets start at the Mad Bishop and Bear, Paddington station, and work
> our way along. I'll be there from about 5:30
> http://london.randomness.org.uk/wiki.cgi?Mad_Bishop_And_Bear,_W2_1HB
> Suggestions for other paddington-based venues (or nearby or etc.)
> gratefully received.
> Who's coming?
> --James

We went there sometime in 2007 (Bishop and Bear), and it wasn't bad.

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