Help bring autarch to the Italian Perl Workshop

Hakim Cassimally hakim.cassimally at
Sun Jun 21 23:23:38 BST 2009

<shameless pimping>

Now there are lots of reasons you should all come to the Italian Perl
Workshop [1], including the culture, the wine^Wbeer [2], nice weather
and all that.  Then there's the English track, which this year
includes Tim Bunce, Jonathan Worthington, Thomas Fuchs (Javascript
prototype etc.), Amy Hoy/Fuchs (usability/product design).  And...

... Dave Rolsky (autarch) is interested in speaking (yay!) but we need
to pay his airfare from the US... so, he'll be offering a 1 day course
on Moose

 - probably Wed 21st October (day before the workshop)
 - price circa 100 Euros
 - if we can't get enough participants, then we can't afford to bring
Dave to Europe :-(
 - full details [3]

Dave has never been to Europe... this is a rare opportunity, so please
do sign up for it to make it happen.  Buy a ticket!  Buy several!
Remember that Pisa is easy and cheap to get to (if you can stomach
Ryanair/Easyjet.  Just easy otherwise) from London and Notlondon.

</pimping, now returning to your normal scheduled service>

[2] No really.  The double malt beers at Orzo Bruno are scrumptious

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