Learn Perl in Lisbon

Dave Cross dave at dave.org.uk
Wed Jun 24 10:37:54 BST 2009

As most of you will no doubt know, in the first week of August, a large 
proportion of london.pm will be decamping to Lisbon, Portugal for YAPC::EU.

The conference is generally considered a right good laugh by everyone 
who goes. In fact, it's so much fun that you might think it's unfair 
that your non-Perl-using friends and colleagues can't come along with you.

But we've thought of that. This year, over the two days before the 
conference (Sat 1st/Sun 2nd August) I'll be running an "Introduction to 
Perl" training course. The idea is that over two days I'll take people 
who know no Perl at all (but who know some other programming language) 
and get them comfortable enough with Perl that they can enjoy the rest 
of the conference.

See http://yapceurope2009.org/ye2009/talk/2113 for details.

The conference costs EUR 100 and the two day training course is EUR 200. 
It's all ridiculously cheap. Please feel free to pass this information 
on to anyone who might be interested.

Oh, and on the Thursday evening (6th August) london.pm will be holding 
their monthly social meeting in a bar in Lisbon.



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