Anniversary Beer - Shovels needed

dave davejneal at
Sat Jun 27 14:16:01 BST 2009

Hi James,

long time lurker, first time caller.

as a really crap perl programmer but an avid beer consumer, I'd be
willing to swap some gut size for guru status.

I'm co9 < over by Braintree >, where are you ? have an estate so
possible I can get the lot in ( unless you lot are really worse than me
and, reading some of the posts, that's very possible ).



On Fri, 2009-06-26 at 13:18 +0100, James Laver wrote:
> I got a call from the brewery this morning and they're not prepared to
> deliver to paddington for our next social, leaving us a little bit in
> the shit. Anyone got a shovel?
> I've formulated the following devious plans:
> 1. a kind, friendly soul with a car drives to the brewery/winery in
> essex and drops stuff off at a convenient holding point (with lack of
> volunteers, probably my flat), and I will get them to the social a few
> cases at a time.
> 2. Similar, except we go next weekend and people pick them up from my
> house rather than the social.
> 3. a team of kind people arrange to meet at a tube station in eastern
> zone 2 and proceed to help me carry beer to the social via the
> hammersmith and city line.
> 4. I organise a social at the bridge house for september and we have
> the beer then (august is YAPC, remember).
> I'm not sure I can cat-herd effectively enough to make option 3
> happen, but does any kind soul with a car fancy a daytrip to a brewery
> and winery in essex, or will we have to put it back to september?
> So, shovels anybody?
> Oh and we need to get artwork that still hasn't been drawn to the
> brewery by the end of tomorrow if we're going to attack plan 1 or 2.
> Any artistic shovels?
> --James

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