1st August - Paul and Jacinta (PJF and jarich) come to London!

Paul Fenwick pjf at perltraining.com.au
Sun Jul 12 12:13:51 BST 2009

G'day Everyone,

Jacinta Richardson and myself are travelling all the way from Australia to
visit YAPC::EU this year, and we're going via the UK on our way to the
conference[1].  On Sunday, 1st of August we'll actually be on the ground
*in* London for a whole afternoon.

We'll be arriving at Gloucester Place (Baker St) at about 12:30pm, and we
have to be back at Gloucester Place at about 10:15pm to catch our bus to
Luton, en route to Lisbon.

In between that time, we currently have undefined plans, but would love to
catch up with any local Mongers who may be about.  We'll also be hungry and
while I know that traditional London.pm fare features Dim Sum, I must admit
that having come from Australia we're eager to try some traditional British
cuisine.  In particular, we've heard great stories about curries with
"half'n'half".  I've also been assured that I must try the cider.  :)

If anyone has an afternoon or evening free, or any suggestions as to what we
should get up to, or if there happens to be a London.pm meeting, we'd love
to meet up.  Also, if anyone has any tips regarding luggage storage
facilities near/at Gloucester Place, we'd appreciate hearing about them.

We will be returning to London again later in the month, probably around or
just before the 15th August.

All the best,


[1] On the way back we're taking the scenic route, which is probably

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