Desperately seeking Javascript help

David Cantrell david at
Wed Jul 22 21:47:03 BST 2009

Paul Makepeace wrote:

> Is this what you're looking for?

It might be, but it seems to make an awful lot of assumptions about my
knowledge of how their maps thing works.

This sort of thing *should* - given a good enough API - be a simple
matter of setting some config options to tell it to grab tiles of size
P*Q representing real-world area X*Y from such-and-such a URL.  Writing
code to do this seems to be Just Wrong.  But perhaps I'm expecting too much.

header   FROM_DAVID_CANTRELL    From =~ /david.cantrell/i
describe FROM_DAVID_CANTRELL    Message is from David Cantrell
score    FROM_DAVID_CANTRELL    15.72 # This figure from experimentation

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