Decent OS X audio rip software

Peter Corlett abuse at
Wed Jul 29 13:13:15 BST 2009

On Wed, Jul 29, 2009 at 12:00:21PM +0100, Roger Burton West wrote:
> Depends on what you want to do. My objective is "I will never have to rely
> on being able to read this rotting piece of mylar again".

My collection of pressed CDs seem to be sufficiently durable that I'm not
overly worried about them becoming unreadable any time soon. I have discs
dating back to the invention of CD in 1983, and they're just fine.

The only disc I have some difficulty reading is one I picked up in a
second-hand shop that looked like it had been played on a belt sander. It's
the one I use for testing Device::SCSI with. Even so, I can get the CDDA
data off if I use a sufficiently-good drive.

Pressed DVDs are a different kettle of fish. I've already got a 2004-vintage
one that's unscratched but still has unplayable bits. Eventually I'll get
round to ripping and archiving all of the DVDs before it's too late.

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