Technical Meeting 30th July 2009

Dave Cross dave at
Wed Jul 29 13:16:20 BST 2009

On 29/07/2009 11:06, Victoria Conlan (vicky at wrote:
> I won't be able to come along (too late to sign up now, and East Anglia
> trains have kindly decided to go on strike every Thurs/Fri of the next
> month or so!), but I'd love to hear what comes out of this one:
>>>>>> Dave Cross - Why do so many companies re-invent well-known CPAN
>>>>>> modules badly and end up writing far too much code?
> Any chance anyone is planning on taking some notes and putting them up
> on a website somewhere? :-D
> (please?)

The slides will definitely be on Slideshare at some point - but I'll 
probably wait until after I've given the talk again in Lisbon next week.


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