Straight Jackets and Video Cameras

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> That's off the top of my head and not terribly funny, but that's the idea.  A bunch of short, stupid jokes comparing some tiny aspect of various languages, all edited into one video.  I see Mike Whitaker already has ideas.

Perl: Hi, I'm Perl
Haskell: Hi, I'm Haskell.
Perl: Oh, I heard you're good for computational problems.
(Another guy turns up, makes the first one step aside): Sure.
Perl: Er.. Who are you?
(A third comes along, replaces the second): I'm Haskell.
(Perl looks at the first one): I thought he was?
(A fourth appears): Yes, I am.
(Perl looks beyond this person to see a long queue of others, stretching
as far as his eye can see...)

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