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Guido Barosio gbarosio at
Thu Aug 27 19:08:42 BST 2009

Hello world!

    I've been reading the mailing list for years, whitout writing but being
aware of threads and discussions. A dark reader, must confess. I am from
Argentina, Buenos Aires, but I used to live in London and that is why I am
actually suscribed to this list.

    The case: With the Buenos Aires Perl Mongers we had, ~ month ago, a
perl6 hackaton / meeting where we spent a whole day hacking / learning /
hacking / learning with Perl6 and Parrot. Basically we gather all together
and tune our computers for perl6, while having some beers, coffee, and pizza
(in that order). A great experience for what I recall perl monger meetings

    Though: why not ping the London Mongers and coordinate with them an
international perl6 meeting. Far away, true, but, slightly different time
zones,  irc, skype and social networks may cut distances. As I don't know
other communities rather than this one (with perl, I am also related with
the PostgreSQL monkeys!) I believe that a very first action was to get in
contact with you guys, and measure if it is actually a good idea or not.
Advocacy, learning, a bundle.

    The deliverable shall be a wiki with installation notes, procedures,
test cases, problems found and whatever appears in front of our prompts
during that day. We are beta testers, future users, and perl nerds! We
already hosted one at google sites, in spanish, product of our first

    Hmmmm, when? Septembre 12th :P

    Hmmmm, who? Everyone is invited to join us!

   Beers? Allowed :)

Guido Barosio

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