New LPM website (ish)!

Leo Lapworth leo at
Fri Aug 28 20:23:32 BST 2009


Guilted into it over 7 years (when I first rewrote the LPM site) I've
rewritten it again:

The main reason for the rewrite was that it was so hard to even add new
meeting dates (the last 3 meeting dates did not make it on to the website)!

No longer is it a mess of XML and scripts and weird loops and dependencies
(ok, so it uses Catalyst so that last one isn't exactly true).

Other than that the bigger changes (all to make it simpler to manager and
maintain) are:

1) Meeting Calendar is now in Google calendar, and it automatically updates
the site (through the use of widgets, this is the modern era - if you don't
have JavaScript - subscribe to the announce maiing list or feeds instead),
and the old ICS/Atom feeds redirect to the google URLs.

2) Who (list of people) was out of date and hard to maintain, *we now use
Google FriendConnect (so please go add yourself if you like).
3) Old photos have gone (if someone wants to take on uploading them to
flickr I'll link to that, I have a copy of them - for now)

4) The *old svn server has been turned off* (that was on the same box) and
we now use google code (see link on site).

5) No you can not change the colour scheme

So, hopefully the site will now stay up-to-date and be a little more useful
because of it.



ps. we live in a dictatorship so please don't even consider starting a
debate over any of the merits / problems with any of this - thanks :)

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