[OT] SalesForce + CVS

Raf rafiq at dreamthought.com
Mon Sep 14 14:26:27 BST 2009

Off-topic, however, we seem to be a technologically broad group.

I'm trying to setup up a strategy to get multiple developers 
collaboratively developing against personal -in the cloud' SaleForce 
sandboxes and a single CVS repository.  We're using the latest Eclipse 
plugin and have a strategy which involves local development, refreshes 
from server(cloud sandbox) and deploying cvs updated changes back to the 
cloud sandboxes.

This is bringing up all sorts of issues due to the metadata which gets 
exported along with any one change.  I've also had issues where objects 
'refreshed from server' appear locally as incomplete representations of 
the cloud objects.

I wondered whether someone has encoutered this frustration previously and 
worked out a decent strategy/model for allowing collborative development 
in such a context?

Would apperciate any feedback.


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