Does Perl has a code hider

David Cantrell david at
Wed Sep 16 23:47:29 BST 2009

Uri Guttman wrote:

> brian d foy autoposts FAQ entries to comp.lang.perl.misc and they get
> read and feedback is given to some of them. bdf has updated them as he
> can when good stuff is posted about an entry. yes, many FAQs are sadly
> dated but many have been improved. they won't get integrated until the
> next (sub)release or so. if there is a better place to autopost them
> (here? :), tell him. i also have some code that will automail faq
> entries so i can spam here. plenty of perl hackers here with obviously
> nothing else to do! :)

An occasional post here would probably be OK.  Not more than one a week
or so though.

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