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Fri Sep 18 00:42:29 BST 2009

On Thu, 17 Sep 2009, Andrew Black wrote:

> I am having a debate about Skype at $work.
> I have a gut feeling that I don't like it. Tried to read the T&C and got
> very confused. "Wool" "eyes" "over" "pulling" comes to mind.
> What are other peoples views on it.

The T&Cs don't come off any more scary to me than anyone else that acts as 
a carrier for your data.  Contrary to some people's views on it's 
encryption, it is propriatory (which is bad, m'kay) but there's a real 
lack of bad people being prosecuted because of things that could only have 
been discovered from their skype conversations, and rumours about both the 
US and UK governments trying to pressure skype into making their jobs 

As a computer-computer service, it's good value, good enough and 
convenient.  The SkypeIn and SkypeOut options are pretty comprehensive, 
though as they cost money, it'd be nice if the quality was more reliable.

the hatter

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