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Peter Corlett abuse at
Tue Sep 22 21:50:58 BST 2009

On 22 Sep 2009, at 17:35, Dirk Koopman wrote:
> Peter Corlett wrote:
>> On 22 Sep 2009, at 16:23, Dave Hodgkinson wrote:
>> [...]
>>> Rule 18.
>> "Do not watch porn with a girl they think of crazy things to do  
>> afterwords" ..?
> Only if one is very lucky [in my limited experience]

My experience is nil on that front. Then again, most of the women I  
know who admit to watching porn tend to prefer gay porn.

>>> There is only one downside to working in Amsterdam.
>> Dutch food? It's like school dinners, but only if you boil it for  
>> another few hours first.
> This is about 25 years out of date. But it is conceivable that I am  
> congenitally biased :-)

I was in Amsterdam a couple of times last year and ate and drank  
around a bit. It was distinctly mediocre and quite expensive. The  
highlight was probably the Scotch place with over 1,000 whiskies, but  
at typically EUR10/20ml, was a rather inefficient way to get pissed.

> In any case, what's wrong with a culture that has a whole class of  
> food that is specifically designed to enable one to consume more  
> alcohol?

Alcohol that, I note, comes from other nations...

I still reckon the People's Republic of Yorkshire produce the best  
beer. Shame it's mostly undrinkable by the time it's travelled to  

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