Anyone hiring at the moment?

Dirk Koopman djk at
Wed Sep 23 12:43:12 BST 2009

Peter Corlett wrote:
> I was in Amsterdam a couple of times last year and ate and drank around 
> a bit. It was distinctly mediocre and quite expensive. The highlight was 
> probably the Scotch place with over 1,000 whiskies, but at typically 
> EUR10/20ml, was a rather inefficient way to get pissed.

Er.. One of the standard ways of getting pissed is drinking several 
qw(pils jenever) tuples (otherwise known locally as "headbangers"). This 
is generally cheaper than drinking imported scotch.

 >> In any case, what's wrong with a culture that has a whole class of
 >> food that is specifically designed to enable one to consume more 
 > Alcohol that, I note, comes from other nations...

You are either (deliberately?) drinking foreign muck or frequenting the 
wrong establishments. You may also be prejudiced against drinking stuff 
that you mistaken call "lager". This would be a mistake, as they don't 
taste anything like "lager" does in the UK and, in any case, there are 
other local alternatives (some *much* darker in colour). "Ale" is, 
however, not a native concept that one sees much on the continong.

 > I still reckon the People's Republic of Yorkshire produce the best beer.

Each to his own, it's OK but nothing special. But at least you will 
comfortable with the concept of having a noticeable layer of foam on the 
top of your beer.

 > Shame it's mostly undrinkable by the time it's travelled to London.



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